TConf 2018

How to remain relevant as QA - Survival of the Species Requires Evolution and Adaptation

November 2018, Melbourne Australia


DevOps Days New Zealand 2018

Lean QA : T-shaped QAs in the DevOps World

November 2018, Wellington New Zealand


TConf 2017

QA in DevOps

November 2017, Melbourne Australia

Video: YouTube

Quality Software Australia 2017

The tester's valuable QAops role in the Devops world

May 2017, Melbourne Australia


LAST Conference 2015

Shifting quality left

July 2015, Melbourne Australia


1st Conference 2015

Agile Testing - Shifting quality to the left

February 2015, Melbourne Australia



My momentous 2018

Medium - December 2018

Is DX the new UX? Usabilitity for Developers

TechTarget Modern Stack - December 2018

Emotional Intelligence and dealing with change in the Workplace

TechTarget Modern Stack - August 2018

Beanbags don't remedy your broken DevOps culture

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - July 2018

Cargo Cult DevOps

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - June 2018

The Definition of Done, revisited

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - May 2018

Do we (still) need testers?

REA Tech Blog - April 2018

Shifting Ops to the left (too)

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - March 2018

The testing manifesto applied to devops

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - January 2018

When you have a separate DevOps team, you are not doing devops

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - December 2017

Systems thinking, devops and the support pager

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - November 2017

Lean testers bring devops and QA together

TechTarget DevOpsAgenda - October 2017

Lean QA - aka QA Ops

REA Tech Blog - July 2017

Bug Bash - The Game

REA Tech Blog - March 2017
Testing Trapeze magazine - December 2016


Theresa Neate is a senior developer advocate, lead quality analyst and test consultant - with several years of leadership experience - who loves lean and agility and advocates for holistic system quality and systems thinking.

She has recently started doing developer advocacy for an internal developer cohort (supporting Application Platform tools), underpinned by over 2 decades of testing and QA hands-on and leadership experience; the last decade spent between the ThoughtWorks consultancy stable, Australia Post’s Digital Delivery Centre and since February 2016 has been at digital media icon REA Group.

In her spare time Theresa studies a Diploma of Networking (Cloud), freelance blogs for TechTarget DevOpsAgenda, sits on their Advisory Board, and co-organises and contributes at DevOps Girls.

She’s a lifelong and eternally curious sceptic and learner.

You can also find Theresa on Twitter.


& Slides

Evolving & Remaining Relevant as QA

TConf 2018 - November 2018

Lean QA: T-shaped QAs in the DevOps world

DevOps Days New Zealand - November 2018

Agile DevSecOps

Melbourne Agile and Scrum User Group - May 2018

How to remain relevant as QA / Tester

Women Who Test (Melbourne) - April 2018

Survival Tips for QAs / Women in Tech

Computershare internal event - April 2018

Introduction to Continuous Integration

REA Group internal Buildkite training - Mar 2018

The QA in DevOps (evolved!)

TConf 2017

Your place as QA in Ops

QSA 2017

Agile Testing - shifting quality to the left

LAST Conf 2015

Agile Testing

1st Conf 2015


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